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ADA Compliance Means Changes

Numerous school districts across the country are currently going through voluntary ADA Compliance training so their websites meet the requirements of the law. The complaints originated with a parent in Michigan who has filed hundreds of complaints with the federal Office of Civil Rights.

In order to meet the ADA requirements, the MI Open Book will no longer be able to house the Correlation Guides found in the Teacher Guides menu. I have downloaded all the available Correlation Guides and housed them in the SS Teacher Leader Google Drive Folder. Send me an email requesting access if you do not already have it.

New Releases This Summer

Kindergarten, First Grade, Second Grade, HS World (part 1), HS Civics, and rest of HS US History will be released this summer. Available now are small previews which you can download from the site. Mouse hover over the “The Books” menu and select the appropriate book.    

Kindergarten Myself and Others Text ImageFirst Grade Families and School text ImageSecond Grade Community Studies Text ImageHigh School US History Text ImageHigh School Civics Text ImageHigh School World History Text Image



2 thoughts on “MI Open Book News

  1. Roy,

    I have some confusion behind the idea of the correlation guides being in violation of ADA. Could you possibly explain further and maybe speak to the complaints from the Michigan parent?



  2. Ryan,

    The Correlation Guides violate the ADA because screen readers are not able to accurately read the guides. When tested, error messages were generated and it will take some time check each one and redesign them.

    Since MDE grant funds were used to create MI Open Book products the entire site must be compliant with ADA or be taken down.

    Let me know if you need additional information.



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