6th/7th Grade Teachers

Via University of Michigan NAM Center for Korean StudiesImage of Single Shard book cover

Engage your students with the history and culture of ancient East Asia by introducing them to the Newbery Award winning book “A Single Shard” by Linda Sue Park with help from the Nam Center & UM Museum of Art!

Receive a classroom set of this popular YA novel, a companion “Korea Kit” filled with A/V material, books and cultural artifacts related to the book to borrow, a bus subsidy to tour University of Michigan Museum of Art’s Gallery of Korean Art with trained docents, and a hands-on ceramics demonstration with a craft that the kids can take home!

Participating schools will receive the Newbery Award winning book, “A Single Shard” by Linda Sue Park for their classrooms. They will also receive the loan of the Nam Center’s “Single Shard” Themed Korea Kit, which includes, a collection of books, DVDs, and cultural artifacts that relates to the setting of the book. As a reinforcement of the narrative and details that they learned in the study of the novel, the students will visit the U-M Museum of Art on a field trip to tour the Gallery of Korean Art, and it’s collection of ceramics with a docent. The information that they have been exposed to from the book, the Korea Kit, and in the Gallery of Korean Art will be reinforced kinesthetically through a ceramics demonstration in which they will experience ceramics making.

To encourage applications from the entire state of Michigan, we have also introduced the possibility to have a virtual tour as well as a virtual ceramic tile demonstration, so your class can benefit from the opportunity even if your school is too far for a one-day field trip. Don’t let distance be a barrier!

All application materials must be submitted electronically (documents in PDF or Word format) to outreachkorea@umich.edu by December 18, 2017. Please use “KFSSPapplication [Insert name of your school]” as the subject line of your e-mail.

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