Big History Project

The Big History Project is history told through engaging videos, animations, articles and classroom activities targeting middle and high school students. The project is a joint effort among teachers, scholars, scientists, and their supporters designed to provide a free, comprehensive, multi-disciplinary curriculum for high school students. For an overview of the project watch David Christian's … Continue reading Big History Project

Do you have what it takes to write a C3 Inquiry?

Directly from C3 Teachers: Submissions are now being accepted for the C3 Teachers Inquiry Challenge.  The purpose of the challenge is to support and reward social studies educators using the Inquiry Design Model™ (IDM). This challenge is co-sponsored by C3 Teachers and the Social Studies Assessment, Curriculum, and Instruction (SSACI) Collaborative, which is part of the … Continue reading Do you have what it takes to write a C3 Inquiry?

March is Reading Month

Michigan Geographic Alliance has reading lists and resources for both elementary and middle school classrooms: Using Literature to ask Elementary Students Questions Geography Literature for Primary Students Social Studies Literature for Middle School Questioning the 5 themes in literature 5 themes bingo with geography read alouds  Click the links below to check out our great elementary … Continue reading March is Reading Month