Constitution Day Resources

Teaching the Constitution The federal mandate to “hold an educational program on the United States Constitution” can be interpreted in many ways. Some educators may find this lack of direction difficult. Keep in mind that Senator Byrd’s purpose for sponsoring the mandate was to respond to concerns that young people, as well as some adults, lack an in-depth … Continue reading Constitution Day Resources

Big History Project

The Big History Project is history told through engaging videos, animations, articles and classroom activities targeting middle and high school students. The project is a joint effort among teachers, scholars, scientists, and their supporters designed to provide a free, comprehensive, multi-disciplinary curriculum for high school students. For an overview of the project watch David Christian's … Continue reading Big History Project

Do you have what it takes to write a C3 Inquiry?

Directly from C3 Teachers: Submissions are now being accepted for the C3 Teachers Inquiry Challenge.  The purpose of the challenge is to support and reward social studies educators using the Inquiry Design Model™ (IDM). This challenge is co-sponsored by C3 Teachers and the Social Studies Assessment, Curriculum, and Instruction (SSACI) Collaborative, which is part of the … Continue reading Do you have what it takes to write a C3 Inquiry?

March is Reading Month

Michigan Geographic Alliance has reading lists and resources for both elementary and middle school classrooms: Using Literature to ask Elementary Students Questions Geography Literature for Primary Students Social Studies Literature for Middle School Questioning the 5 themes in literature 5 themes bingo with geography read alouds  Click the links below to check out our great elementary … Continue reading March is Reading Month