My name is Roy Sovis and I am a Christian, husband, father, educator, gardener, and a cat person. Thanks for visiting and I hope you find something useful.

My education career started in 1990 with substitute teaching for schools in the Mid-Michigan area. After graduating from the University of Michigan-Flint I began a full-time middle school teaching position during which I gained valuable experience working with a variety of students and earned my first Masters Degree from Michigan State University with a concentration in Instructional Design and Educational Technology.

In July of 1999 I was hired into my current position as the Coordinator for Instruction-Social Studies at the Genesee Intermediate School District in Flint, Michigan. Although I was hired to provide Social Studies related curriculum, instruction, and assessment services for 21 public school districts and 13 charter school, my position early on involved being the State of Michigan Student Mock Election Coordinator for three election cycles. As a result of being the first state in the country to offer online registration and voting, I was the recipient of Presidential Certificate of Appreciation for dedicated service and teamwork; two National CNN Awards for Utilization of Media and/or Technology in Voter Education, and two American Association of School Administrators Awards for Outstanding Leadership in Voter Education.

Some of my time is devoted toward being an active member of the Michigan Social Studies Supervisor’s Association (MSSSA) which is comprised of about 15 active members and 85 members who are responsible for Social Studies, but can only commit a very limited amount of time due to the numerous other subject area responsibilities they have. Each Executive Director of the Michigan Social Studies subject area organizations are members as well.

Over the last several years the “other duties assigned” part of my position has expanded to include designing, developing, and leading professional development in the formative assessment process, summative assessment, effective grading practices, and implementing Illuminate Education. Almost all of the professional training I develop is customized according to the needs of whomever I serve.

Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my wife and our three adult boys, swimming in our pool, and maintaining our garden. I am also a member of the Friends of the Sloan/Longway Board and Back to the Bricks Friendship and Promotion Tour Committee.