Copies of Revised Social Studies Standards: Feedback Needed

Your feedback on the revised standards is wanted and needed. Below you will find the information shared from MDE regarding how to access the revised copies and the survey in which you can provide feedback. As always, contact me with any questions you might have.

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Update on the Social Studies Standards Public Comments

The 2007 Michigan Social Studies Standards are updated and ready for public comment. In April 2014, Social Studies experts from across Michigan began a process to update the Michigan Social Studies Standards. This team reviewed and edited all content expectations to make them fewer, consistent, and grade level appropriate. Once the draft document was completed, a period of public comment ensued. Given issues with that draft, a Focus Group including a broad range of perspectives, reviewed the standards and made important edits. The State Board of Education received that document on Tuesday, May 8, 2018, prior to a period of public comment.

A Survey for Public Comments is open until June 30, 2018.

To assist in a review of the changes to the existing standards, staff developed a cut and cap version of the revised draft standards (Attachment A) showing where language has been deleted (cut) or added (CAP).

There is also a version of the new draft standards (Attachment B) as they will appear when the proposed changes are accepted. Please check back periodically for additional clarifying documents. In addition to the survey, the Department of Education will conduct regional public meetings that will provide another opportunity for input. Details on those meetings will be provided in a future communication.

Feedback from both the survey and public meetings will be used to determine the final draft standards that the State Board of Education will consider for adoption. For questions or concerns, please contact Jim Cameron, Social Studies Consultant, at CameronJ3@


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