Secondary MI Open Book Update

Michigan Open Book Project Civic ImageMichigan Open Book Project World History Image

The first two chapters of HS Civics and the first four chapters of HS World History are both available

The writing team will be working to complete Civics first since it is a semester class, and hope to have that finished by early October at the latest.  They expect to upload parts of Word History monthly.

Please complete the very quick survey before downloading any books which helps provide data that can be used for future funding.

If you have a Chrome version you can download a new copy of the full book, or just Chapter 3 by heading to the website.

If you have an Apple version, the since the update was uploaded on Sunday, September 24, it will be live on the iBooks store within 24-48 hours, and you will get a notification inside the book that tells you the update is available.

As always, feedback is welcome which you can provide directly to the project director David Johnson.

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