Welcome Back! Social Studies PD

I hope all of you had a great summer! Some of you in a year-around school calendar started the “new” school  year about three weeks ago. The rest of you likely started this week. Welcome back, all!

During the 2017-18 school year I will continue communicating Social Studies related information via this blog and a weekly email that is sent only if new information is posted.

I would encourage your colleagues who teach students Social Studies to subscribe so you do not have to forward emails. Here is where they will learn about why they should subscribe and here is the link to the form.

There are professional development opportunities listed below of which you can take advantage. Since this a list of all the currently scheduled opportunities in which I am involved, not all of them are Social Studies specific. I will post other new opportunities as they become available.

Whenever possible, this year I hope to work with individual and small groups of teachers to collaboratively identify and plan customized, job-embedded professional development opportunities in attempt to minimize the need for subs and extensive time working outside the classroom.

Professional Development Opportunities

Social Studies Leadership Team: Secondary Educators

Social Studies Leadership Team: Elementary Educators

8th Grade Social Studies Network

Formative Assessment

Adaptive Schools

Advanced Cognitive Coaching

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