6th & 7th Grade Teachers – East Asian Studies

Via Carol Stepanchuk, cstep@umich.edu, Outreach and Academic Projects, Lieberthal-Rogel Center for Chinese Studies, University of Michigan

East Asia Workshop

What to expect: Exploration of the Clark Library map collection; teacher resource kits; lodging and meals provided.

Maps are the cornerstone to understanding the network over land and water that characterize trade and commerce crossing East Asia. We’ll explore maps as representing the mindset of their makers—the differences between Eastern and Western cartography traditions—and set off on a journey that covers pilgrimages as well as the pathways of contemporary politics. Along the way, we’ll look into spices and artifacts, food and religion to provide an experiential discovery designed to translate directly into classroom projects and lessons.

Reserve your spot today—registration is limited.

For more information, contact eastasiaoutreach@umich.edu.

SCECH credits will be offered: 8 credits if participating both Friday, May 19 AND Saturday, May 20;  5 credits if participating only Saturday, May 20.

(Please note that Friday evening will last until about 10:00pm to accommodate a film showing…sure to be filled with camaraderie, fun, & food (and plenty of popcorn). 

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