Via REMC Association April 2017 Newsletter

At its heart, P.L.A.Y.D.A.T.E. is about giving educators time to ‘play’ and explore together. The concept was born from the originating group’s frustration with one too many professional development sessions that lacked time to explore a new concept.

Always looking to provide a varied and  powerful learning experience for  teachers, Kellie DeLosSantos of the  Jackson County ISD, came upon the  idea, quickly collaborated with Anthony  Buza of Genesee ISD and others to  launch PLAYDATE MI. The first event  took place at Jackson  ISD on  September  30, 2016. Feedback  from this initial event was overwhelmingly positive.

Through the support of the REMC Association of Michigan, the group will be taking the idea to other locations around the state for FREE.  Now is your time to get involved!  Here are the details on the next event:

When: May 5, 2017 8:15-3:00
Where: Kalamazoo RESA Service Center
Lunch and SCECHs Provided
Registration: Click Here
Check our PLAYDATE MI for other PLAYDATEs near you.

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