World History Teachers

Are you familiar with the Big History Project? It’s has a proven, positive impact; it’s free, open, and online; it’s flexible and adjustable; and aligned to standards. As they say, it’s a Social Studies World History course that runs on jet fuel!

There are a few ways to learn about it and stay informed throughout the school year. Of course, the first obvious place to visit the website. Another way is to sign up for updates via email that will keep you informed of the latest developments.

This month they announced the roll out of their new formative assessment service called BHP Score. After teaching Units 2, 6, and 9 (provided free via the website after registration) teachers can submit their student essays to be scored by highly trained evaluators at Arizona State University. Each essay will be scored using the BHP Writing Rubric and then detailed group and individual scores are sent back to the teacher. Yes, it is free.

Don’t miss out on a great resource to teach your World History Course and visit The Big History Project.

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