Coming Soon….GISD Professional Learning Catalog Version 2!

Via Genesee ISD Assistant Superintendent of Education and Learning Mary Behm

NewBased on your feedback, an updated and improved version 2 of the Professional Learning Catalog is ready to be rolled out for use on Tuesday, July 5, 2016.    You will find the catalog in the same location as always, and at first glance, the “look” will seem the same.   Enrollments will be smoother and less confusing for the end user, and GISD’s ability to meet and exceed your professional learning and meeting registration needs will be greatly improved.  Communication from GISD professional learning and meeting organizers, via the catalog, are also improved so you will be receiving emails (reminders, updates, cancellations, etc.) prior to the sessions for which you are enrolled. After July 5th existing users will be prompted to update their information.

 If you have already registered for a course or meeting to be held after July 5, your registration will remain intact.  Meeting organizers will work with you for any needed user information updates. 

 One of the most important updates to the new version is having the ability to store more information related to each account holder so that we can provide user transcripts.

 We are looking forward to our updated and improved Professional Learning Catalog to be able to provide improved customer service for you!


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