8th Grade US History PD and Research Study

All teachers participating in the study will receive a $500.00 stipend, and theirNCSS Icon
will receive a regular institutional membership to National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) for one year (a $121 value). The study will be conducted during 2016–17 year.
Instructional Research Group (IRG) in Los Alamitos, California, has announced a professional development (PD) opportunity for 8th grade teachers as part of a federal research grant. The PD is available for 8th grade social studies teachers who teach American history and have English Learners (EL) in their classrooms. This project will help teachers learn to augment and enhance their existing curricular material by incorporating academic vocabulary instruction.
283493-US-Constitution-and-American-Flag-Stock-Photo.jpgThe principal investigator (PI) for this study is Dr. Russell Gersten. The co-PIs include Drs. Joseph Dimino and Madhavi Jayanthi. Contact, Dr. Mary-Jo Taylor (440-487-4964taylormar@inresg.org ) to participate in the study, to recommend participants, or for additional information. Details about the design of the study can be found at www.inresg.org/tsg.

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