Genesee Go

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 1.12.34 PMOn August 2, 2016, the voters of Genesee county will decide whether or not they want to
invest in the youth of Genesee County.

If approved by voters Genesee Opportunity provides a stipend for current-year high school graduates to attend approved colleges and training institutions through funding from countywide tax dollars. Based on 1/4 mill for 20 years, the program would provide $2.3 million dollars annually for the program.

Who qualifies? Every graduating senior from a Genesee County High School. That’s the only requirement even if the student lives outside of Genesee County and graduates from a high school within the county. Furthermore, the money follows the student! As long as it’s an approved college or training institution, it can be located anywhere.

You can find more detailed information via this link.


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