Literacy-Rich Social Studies Lessons and Modules

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I work with an awesome group of educators @GeneseeISD. Formed under the leadership of @lhagel11, the mission statement “Leadership, Service, Innovation; Partnering for Success” encompasses what we actually do everyday.

Here is what might seem to be a “no big deal”example of what our mission statement looks like in action, especially when there are numerous sources of new information. My colleague @lisa_madden forwarded me an email about the Literacy Design Collaborative which has a treasure trove of free, literacy-rich Social Studies resources. Now, via this post, numerous other educators will either become aware of @LitDesignCollab free resources or be reminded of a resource that was unintentionally forgotten.

It is common for the subject area coordinators in @GeneseeISD Education and Learning Department to share ideas and resources, and this collaborative environment yields an ongoing flow of valuable information.

LDC logoSo take a look at the literacy-rich Social Studies resources found here and share with other educators.


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